Zelda Hallman joined the FSMG team in January 2002 and is currently Vice-President and CFO of the company. She primarily manages the Procurement, Production and Fulfillment departments. Zelda also directs and produces website training videos.

Zelda began her career as a design engineer at the High Energy Physics Lab at Stanford University and then in Germany. She prepared and presented testimony on energy matters as an expert witness for the State of California. In Washington D.C., Zelda worked on the Clean Air Act and helped develop U.S. policy on the reduction of chlorofluorocarbons and the effects of global warming.

Zelda earned degrees in Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Psychology at Stanford University. She also obtained a degree in Chemistry with a Minor in Philosophy from Whittier College. She has her Masters in Psychology from New College and studied filmmaking at the Film Arts Foundation, both in San Francisco. Zelda resides in Southern California and has written, directed and produced many award winning short films.


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