It is by no mistake that the Fig Street Marketing Group logo is a tree with wide spread branches, vibrant leaves and strongly extended roots. From our inception in 2000, our vision of commitment to clients, to community, and to the planet has informed every stage of our development and evolution. It has played a critical role in who we have hired as team members, who have we signed on as strategic partners and how we have approached our relationships with our customers. It breathes life into our program management processes.

It is with this understood commitment to what is now called Green Initiatives that we approach every program and activity. In service to this commitment, we ask ourselves these three questions when developing a program, campaign or event:

  1. How can we meet or exceed our client’s expectations and program ROI?
  2. How can we further our team’s collaborative experience in service to our client and their program?
  3. How can we minimize the impact this program has on the environment?

How can we help you achieve your Green goals?

Please contact your FSMG Account Manager for more information about FSMG Green Event Management services or Green MarCom services.